I decided to ask a friend if she was willing to be my model for the day.  As I tell my kids, always ask the question as the worst that can happen is hearing “no” and the best that can happen is you get what you want. Guess what, she said she would be honored.

While dawn is the best time to shoot, it was supposed to be a relaxing day for the both of us so the early morning was ruled out. We also had plans with our respective significant others (sister and brother, yea that makes her my in-law;  or as we like to think of ourselves outlaws) later that evening, so sunset was out too.

So we headed up one of the local canyons looking for some interesting and shady spots. We first stopped at a stream with a few accessible boulders. While I did a bit of relatively low impact landscaping, the spot was not absolutely the best. I ended shooting on a timer so that I could run over and block any dappled light that fell on her face.


Later, w headed up towards RMNP but since I forgot my park pass, we started to headed the other direction towards Nederland (we then could loop around to Boulder).  Pulled to the side of the road by a small aspen grove and noticed a trail heading down the embankment. I never found out where it eventually headed as it appeared to be a stopping to indulge as there was a nice collection of beer cans scattered around. While she was not a professional model, I imagine it was a lot like working with one as she was easy to pose and actually moved into various poses quite naturally.


We decided to grab something to eat, which ate into any remaining time we had but I had a great and relaxing day, got to know someone a bit better, and got some photos that I like. I’d buy that for a dollar everyday.



Watch out, you might be next.