Colorado Rapids

Weathered an hour rain delay, before being able to photograph an MLS game from the sidelines of the pitch. Meet some helpful people, had a great time, and got some pictures that I am happy with. Enjoy 






Living the Dream


The other night, we were wasting time as a family and flipping through the channels and I stopped at the reality show, The Moment hosted by Kurt Warner. The premise of the show is to give people a second chance at their lifetime passion/dream. This particular episode centered on a women that wanted to be a sports photographer but gave that up due certain life challenges that were presented her.

During the show, my son asked me what magazine I would like to shoot for but I could not narrow it down to just one specific magazine. At the next commercial break, I stated something along the lines that while I would definitely want that opportunity to shoot for SI but what I was truly jealous about is that to prepare her for her opportunity (one of the premises of the show) is that she got a world class mentor that help “prepare them for an opportunity of a lifetime.” Two weeks of intensive training would be great opportunity and worthy of being jealous.

Thinking about that for the last couple of days, I realize in today’s world of abundant information, I have no excuse not to get better, get mentors, and advance my craft. So, after watching my daughter and son’s soccer game, I decided to stay for the next game, take some more photos, and take advantage of my learning opportunity at hand. Here are some of my attempts to take advantage of my opportunity of a lifetime (to do something I love)…




Show Me the Money


My website going live last Friday has been collaboration with Don Giannatti (designer, photographer, author, educator extraordinaire). Once it went live, I jokingly commented that now I just had to wait for the money to start rolling in. Don told me to be patient and at least wait till Tuesday. Well, it is Tuesday…

However, Friday I was asked to take some portraits of the local Order of Arrow ceremonial team (Honor Society of Boy Scouts who provide service to others) after they performed a bridging ceremony for some Webelos (which was a lot of fun). On Saturday, I was requested to try to get some action shoots of a particular player during a Soccer game (not as easy as you would think). Then, on Sunday, my neighbor drove up in a food truck that he had just purchased in order to retrofit and start his own business. I showed him some of the pictures I had taken on another Food Truck and we started brainstorming ideas about how to use my photography to market his business.

So, is the money rolling in? No, but some paying assignments are lining up.





Soccer Season Starts




I have had some sort of camera ever since joining the photography club back in middle school (besides walking up hill both ways, I had to use chemicals and film back then). Actually, I did not move from film to digital until 2000, when my son turned two. Thus, I have boxes and boxes on negatives and prints from that I need to get scanned. My upgrade to faster glass (better lenses) started when my kids got into sports and I had to be able to capture the action. I have used to the excuse that the fields keep getting bigger, to get bigger and more powerful lenses. Luckily, the kids have capped out on field size and according to my wife, I have definitely capped out my investment in sports lenses. But because of some of the sports pictures in my portfolio, I was able to go and shoot a Rapids (Major League Soccer) game from the sidelines last year. I am again trying to line up a couple of games this year.

I really enjoy the look on the faces on kid’s teammates and parents when I share some the photos I have taken, so if the field is getting too big or you just want some professional photos while you root on the home team, give me a call.