Ready for some football?

It is football season across the country, including the youth of America. I was at the local sports park photographing my favorite soccer team (U14 SVFC Green) and could not resist taking some action photos of the stars of the future. Just another reminder that I should have my camera with at all times and that there are so many opportunities to capture that special moment for people.









Welcome to Beautiful Colorado

I am lucky in so many ways, but I am not going to bore you with telling you about the many things that I should be grateful about. Just one, I get to live in Colorado.

With our recreational opportunities, climate, arts & culture, abundance of good beer, affordability, beautiful terrain, the quality of life of a Coloradoan is hard to beat. Since life can get so busy and at times overwhelming, I need to remind myself to get out and smell the roses, or sunflowers in this instance.

I have heard the rumors that down by the Denver International Airport fields of Sunflowers are planted. I decided to try my luck one evening and make the trip to go Sunflower not to satisfy my inner Vincent van Gogh but to take advantage of where I live.







This weekend, we were double booked half the time and the other half, my wife and I were planning on playing tag team to get the kids to their respective appointments. Sometime during the week, the weatherman started throwing the “B” word and talking about 10 to 18 inches of snow. Organizers started to worry, plans become clouded and contingencies were being made. On Friday, the dreaded started to happen. Events were being cancelled even if they were inside due to the safety of travel concerns.

When I woke up Saturday, there was only a light dusting. It was obvious that the B word was not going to come to fruition. So after breakfast, I grabbed the kids and we headed out in search of  for some photography opportunities. Well that was what I had in mind. They wanted to go to a few stores to do a bit of shopping. That worked to my advantage as I had done them a favor, now it was time for them to help me out. A few hours later, we had visited several spots I had previously identified and they had a birthday gift for a friend and some new soccer socks. Win/Win.




Go Out, Take A Picture


I am participating in several photographic projects/challenges this year. One is participating in 52 week project with a great group of people over at Don Giannatti’s Project 52 site (http://project52.org) and I am doing a personal 365 project (a picture a day). While Don gives us our assignment on a weekly basis and the subject of the 365 is up to me but I have been concentrating on doing some portrait lighting studies. Unfortunately, some days or weeks I do not feel the creative juices or a true connection for a particular given assignment.

Thus, I have decided to include, what I call a GOTAP day. Simply put it, Go Out Take A Picture. No perceived notion of what I am going to shoot, other than taking advantage of what I see. The only restriction is that I will limit my time to under an hour.

Today, I was looking out my office window and saw an interesting shadow from a ladder on top of a pick up truck and so I got out, took a picture (or more) …



JAMS on it

Jeff of Jam

I needed a moment to clear my head (many argue that is where I start at), so I stepped outside and took a quick walk around the building. That is when I noticed the JAMS PLACE food truck setting up shop. I grabbed my camera and got off a few frames before the hungry masses descended on them.

Jeff and his wife Marla (JAM) have been operating this food truck for the last 18 months and loving every minute of it. The set up for lunches within 30 minutes of home and then move to another location at night. They find that the number of local brew pubs in the Boulder/Longmont area makes for a prime area to operate. They believe they could keep 3 truck busy if they could duplicate themselves.

As Jeff (former programmer) stated, “It beats working at a desk”. Hmm…





The New Site


Yeah!!!! It’s up and and running.

Welcome to my new website.

I hope you enjoy it!